Hrm 530 Week 3 Assignment

Examine two ways that companies can recruit qualified job applicants. Determine which method may be most effective and predict how it could benefit the company when hiring new employees.One of the first steps in recruiting qualified applicants should be developing an accurate job description. The job description should include the roles the individual will fill, any knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position and any relevant experience that would separate one applicant from another. The job description should also be clear and easy to understand. Interviews are also an important selection tool. By using performance based interviewing, a company can structure interview questions that go along with the vacancy, company problems and company culture. Because performance based interviews are so specific they help to identifytop performers. They also help to expose the strengths, weaknesses, and organizational, personal and cultural fit to preferred applicants. Out of the two, having an accurate job description would seem to benefit the company the most. When employers use job descriptions that are incomprehensible or that barely explain what the position does it can actually cause well qualified applicants to ass it up. An accurate job description can also be the foundation from which interview questions are built on.Go to O*Net Online’s Websiteand review at least two (2) different occupation descriptions.Next, compare the two selected occupation descriptions. Recommend two changes to make the occupation descriptions more marketable. Provide examples to support your recommendations. Be sure to provide details of the occupation descriptions in case others want to use them.Adecco - Recruiter - Brunswick, GAAdecco - Recruiter - Brunswick, GALocaton US-GA-BrunswickCaTegory Adecco STafng - Ofce & IndusTrial (O&I)More information about this job:

Job Analysis / Job Description 2 job analysis. Lastly, I justified my belief that the job analysis and job description are in compliance with state and federal regulations. Compare two (2) job positions from the episode and perform a job analysis of each position. The two jobs positions I compare from the Choice Hotel International are the housekeeping and maintenance positions. The both positions are important for the smooth operations of the hotels. The hotel guests expect to have a clean environment to enjoy their stay at the hotels, the contribution these two positions makes to the smooth operations of the hotels are priceless. Employing people in these positions will require job analysis, because “job analysis is often seen as a first step to appropriately recruiting, hiring, training, and compensating workers.” (Stewart and Brown, 2012, p.128) This will allow employers to choose the right employees to perform the right jobs functions. Generally, the house keeping position is an entry lever position. Housekeeping staffs are responsible for the general cleaning of the hotel. They use tools such as vacuum and dusters. In the same way, the maintenance position is also an entry level position; its staffs are responsible for the keeping of the hotels common areas. The maintenance staffs use tools such as screwdrivers and toilet plunger. Both teams work together under a on the go working condition as hotel guests are checking in and out almost at the same

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