Actions Speak Louder Than Words Sat Essay Question

Words express our feeling about surrounding but actions shows them. Words are only reflection of action. Sometimes words are lie so, they don’t have any effect. In fact, we may make easily promises but later break those promises. Therefore, I agreed with this statement “actions speak louder than word”. I want to explain why.

Firstly, every one can say everything they want. But, it’s important how much they try to achieve them. Something needs more effort to obtain. For example, my brother wants to give toefl exam that he has ability to study abroad. But, he doesn’t study more and does not practice more to increase his ability.

In addition, unlike word action have real effects. Everyone may say that like you. But, they don’t show in their action. In comparison, our parents not only express their loveliness by words but also they show it by their action.

Finally, people usually evaluate a person by actions not by words. In facts, one characteristic only expose through his behavior and gesture. A lot of people want to hide their real emotion by saying things which don’t correspond with their thought. For example, in emergent situations such as fire accident, a genuine hero is a person saves many lives beside some people just talk but do nothing. Therefore, actions are the factor that defines his characteristics.

To sum up, I think action make a person different from other. So, we should think carefully before saying anything whether we can do it or not. It is possible to lose many important things in life.

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