Anton Chekhov Biography Powerpoint Assignment

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1 Anton Chekhov

2 Humble beginnings1860 January 17 Born in Taganrog (small town in S. of Russia)Grandson of serf, born into large familyFather a gloomy religious person, becomes a bankruptChekhov later wrote how he “squeezed the slave out of himself drop by drop.”

3 The Chekhovs

4 To Moscow! 1879 Enters Medical faculty at Moscow University
1880 Begins to publish in humorous magazines under pseudonyms1884 Graduates from med school Approx now first signs of TB

5 An omen… 1886 Starts to publish stories under his own name
1887 Writes Ivanov1888 The Wood Demon1888 Steppe (long story).1889 Brother Nikolai dies of TB

6 Settling down1890 Journey to penal colony in Sakhalin to conduct a sociological surveyreturns to Russia via Singapore, Sri Lanka1892 Buys country estate at Melikhovo outside Moscow.

7 Melikhovo

8 Staying alive…1897 Major signs of tuberculosis, moves to Yalta, travels to Nice, France.1898 Moscow Art Theatre revives Seagull, it is a hit.1899 Uncle Vanya

9 Chekhov’s House in Yalta, Crimea

10 The last years… 1901 Three Sisters; marries actress Olga Knipper
1903 Cherry OrchardJuly Dies in Badenweiler in Germany.

11 Famous sayings“Medicine is my lawful wife and literature my mistress; when I get tired of one, I spend the night with the other.”“Reason and justice tell me there's more love for humanity in electricity and steam than in chastity and vegetarianism.”“Conciseness is the sister of talent.”

12 Chekhov’s values Modesty – hard work – discretion – respect for others
Not a moralist – an ethicistknew Orthodox ritual better than any Russian writerNot a believer – but saw faith as a broad field between two poles of belief and disbeliefNot a revolutionary: in his life’s actions showed he believed in gradual progress, not radical solutions

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