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Assignment Ada is a bonus game in Resident Evil 4 HD and in all releases of RE4. In it, you play as Ada Wong. The objective is to infiltrate the island (same layout from Chapter 5: Part 1) and steal five Plagas samples. The Plagas samples take up two cells in your Attache Case. After all five are collected, you must make it to your extraction helicopter.

There are no Merchants or Typewriters to save your game, but there are checkpoints.

Ada has 6.5 cells of health. You can find Yellow Herbs around the map to raise her health meter. Ada is given a small cache to start with. It includes:

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Resident Evil 4 Assignment Ada FAQ

by criscrazy   Updated on

ASSIGNMENT ADA: FAQ! Gamecube Version Written by: Cristian Castillo Date started: 6/11/2006 Date ended: 6/25 /2006 ( To be uploaded with my original faq..) ======== Contents ======== 1. Intro 2. Enemies/place 3. Controls 4. Ada's weapons 5. Walkthrough 6. Uploads... 7. Credits 8. About me.. 9. Legal info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ========== Intro. ========== The other mini-game! Just a tiny bit easier than the mercenaries, though. So nothing really to worry about. You're Ada Wong, duh, and the mission is: obtain all the 5 plaga samples hidden in the Island( all over the place.) This is all for Wesker! The main boss you'll have to fight on here, just so you know, is Krauser! You have to get all the 5 plagas and pass this mini-game to obtain the almighty Chicago Typewriter! -------------------------------- Chicago Typewriter- 1,000,000 PSAT's Is a .45 fast-firing UNLIMITED AMMO machine gun. So fire away! Chicago style.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that you don't find this mini-game that hard, but it MAY be difficult in some occasions. It took me a couple of days of trying until I managed to pass it so don't think it'll be THAT easy to pass!! ============ Enemies/Place ============ This mission is going to take place in the Island. From the start(everything is the same when it comes to places in the Islnad) until where you meet the first Iron Maiden(Lab.) In some situations, the place is going to be cutted short so you will get to your destination MUCH faster. These are some of the annoying enemies you will have to face... ------------------------------- Soldiers- just normal enemies that may be tough, they mostly try to suffocate you, be careful Ada is weak to that attack for some reason -------------------------------- Shieled Soldiers/spears- The shielded ones can push you HARD and damage you, the spiked spears can also be annoying, so don't let them! -------------------------------- Electric stick/gas mask- The electric stick guys are damgerous when near, the gas mask ones are slighty stronger than the normal ones and usually carry an electrick stick.. ------------------------------ JJ- you know him, you love him, the one and only JJ. Ada is WEAK to his gatling gun so always stay out of reach of his gun, don't get close or he'll easily kill you with a hit to the head. He's pretty hard... ------------------------------ Armored Dudes- these guys look stronger than they really are. Snipe them in the head and they'll instantly get decapitated! ------------------------------ Krauser!- The main boss. Weaker than the one in the real game, but still, a good match with Ada. He has the wing so always shoot him in the legs. He may cause some PAIN! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's really ALL the dudes that will try to kill you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============ Controls ============ These are the controls you should know- GAMECUBE VERSION! A button- Confirm/ation and attack B button- cancel/+ contorl stick up= to run/+ control stick down=180 turn C stick- move camera view X button-Organize items in attach case/communicate with Ashley Y button-Open status scree(attach case) Z button-Open Map R button-Hold weapon ready/(hold)+A=attack/(hold)+B=reload L button-Rotate item in attache case/(hold) switch to knife(this does not occur on AA) Start/Pause-Open option screen/Skip movies Control Stick/Pad- Move forward/back/Turn left or right/R Button(hold) then move- to aim your weapon! I'll put the PS2 version later on... ------------------------------------------------------------ ================ Some simple Tips ================ ------------------ 1. Always use your melee moves! Shoot the enemy in the knees and they'll bent then get near them and kick them or back kick them with Ada!! ------------ 2. In the beginning, you could shoot the spotlight up there that detects you! So you could wak without being seen(thanks to Frederick Hayes for that tip..) ----------- 3. Use your TMP when there's a number of soldiers... It's better Use your Punisher when there's only a few, and don't forget the melee moves. ---------- 4. Try to use your rifle mostly to shoot JJ and the armor dudes in the heads. That's their weak point. And of course, to shoot krauser on the legs! ----------- 5. Do not! get near JJ or the shielded guys, they give you one hell of a push/smack! So don't get near... ----------- 6. Don't let the armor guys start to run... They won't stop and will hit you HARD! ----------------- 7. Care for your health. See what's the best thing to use for your life. if you had A LOT taken away use the FA spray, if not, use a herb! ---------------- These are some stuff I want you to try, it'll make this mission easier to accomplish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============== The Walkthrough ===============\ I hope this walkthrough will help you pass Assignment Ada without getting a headache! I will include all the places that pop out, and try to explain everything as good as I can! Though, some things MAY be difficult and take you a longer time.. If you just CAN'T beat something e-mail me at You're always welcome to ask me for some extra help! My other mail is if the other doesn't work... Okay... Now you know! ============================================================================= ---------- WALKTHROUGH.... ------------------------------------------- ======== Ada Wong ======== Weapons- Punisher(20)------ TMP(100)------Scope(semi-auto rifle)------- Rifle(semi-auto)(12)----------Handgun ammo(30)------- TMP ammo(50) Rifle ammo(5)--------Handgrenade(1) First aid spray.. You should get all the ammo and health you need throughout the mission you only START with these. --------------------- Mission date started-6/20/2006 Mission date ended- 6/24/2006 ==================================================================== ============ Island Start ============ Ready to start Assignment Ada? Okay, let's do this! After you speak with Wesker he gives you a mission. To extract 5 plaga samples, all scattered around the island. The last one is with the boss.. -------- You're at the same start of the island as you were with Leon. Go forward and jump down the small cliff.. There's two soldiers waiting for you here, try not to waste too much ammo, just stab them in the knee and kick them. They'll after a while of doing that. You'll meet three other soldiers ahead, kill the one straight first then take take of the two at the side and grab the ammo or health they leave you. Make your way right to the little cliff you have to jump over and you'll be at the same place that you met the first JJ with Leon. Get the hangun ammo from the crates, ignore the three soldiers outside that buildin and go right to where the ladder is at. Up here is a rotater(but ignore in Assignmnet Ada, you don't have to do this.) Get the FA spray up here and JJ will come with his gang of ganados. Get as near to the ladder as you can, don't let yourself show or else JJ will fire(JJ will stay down there if he doesn't see you. But the other soldiers are coming for you. Let them go up the ladder and thrw them down every time they try to go up. When you have enough fun doing this, start to kill them.. Snipe the two guys shooting you the arrows over at where JJ is just standing at. After you kill all the soldiers, zoom in on JJ and snipe him, keep on doing this(don't let him get to where you are!!) and he'll come down.. Now you could go down and go around collecting ALL the ammo and health in this area. There's a herb to the left side of the steps you use to get out of here. Now, go through the open gate and get the ammo behind the little rocks, walk forward and you'll come to two barrels to your right side rip them and get what's inside. A shielded and arrowed soldiers will come to you, kill them preferbly with your Punisher. Go inside the little cave and climb the ladder in here. =================== Island-second start =================== Rip the two barrels up here, and you'll hear a soldier coming to you. You and him are pretty far apart..There's a hole between you and him you have to jump over, wait until he's about to jump over, and shoot him so he'll fall down! Easy... Jump over the hole and enter that building through window. There's rifle ammo on the desk, and there's three enemies to kill in here... Kill, them with your Punisher. Walk straight down the little cave and you'll see a red berrel, shoot it, and a new passage will appear. Go inside to get a hand grenade. Get out of that little building now and go to the outside area. There's a soldier throwing you fireworks out here.. Snipe him before you get hit by the fireworks.. There's one on top of that cliff, shoot the red barrel up at where he is and he'll die. Go forward and get the ammo on the crates, more soldiers are going to come now from the side of that little cave passage. You may use the TMP for fast killing, try using the simplest things, like the Punisher(I don't think you'll need the Rifle for this..) Enter the little cave passage and jump down the steep, (the door that you had to press a switch at the side of it with Leon, is already opened so go on.) Go through the opened door.. ============== Island-start#3 =============== This passage! There's no merchant here this time, there's a herb at where he was, though. Get the Rifle ammo from the crates and snipe the two soldiers shooting the arrows at you. The white door you go through when you're Leon, isn't opened so go up the ladder at the end of this area. On top of this roof you'll see a squared opening at one of the corners. Infiltrate in, you'll fit!--- ============ Hospital/lab ============ You'll jump down here.. You're in the place where you meet the first regenerator with Leon. Jump down behind you and there'll be a soldier down here, kill him and enter the little area with the two little boxes(there's a typewriter here when you're playing with Leon) get what's inside and now get out and go up the steps to go to where you where at, when you filtrate in this place. Go straight and you'll reach a white door, open it and enter the Ice Room(it's opened already, you don't need any cards..) ========= Ice Room ========= Get the ammo on the nearby crates in here. Break the glass in the back of the room to get a grenade. You may want to go in the little room where you get the copy of the Waste Disposal Card to get ammo, there's another little room where you, with Leon, got the scope.. Open the container and get the first Plaga Sample! Four more to go. Now exit the ice room... ============ Hospital/lab ============ Open the white gate door again and go straight to the OTHER passageway, you'll meet a soldier with a spiked-ball, kill him, and go through the blue door. Go through the electric door here and you'll see two soldiers with electric stick through the glass, shoot the glass and they'll come out for you, Use the Punisher on them and they'll die after a while. There's another electric door here(ignore the operator next to it, it's already opened) go inside and get the ammo in the shelf and in the back of the room there's a dead weird dude, next to him, A PLAGA SAMPLE!! Make space for it in your case and now you have 2 of the five you need! When you get it, soldiers will come to you, i suggest you use your TMP and kill them QUICK, after you kill them, make your way through the electric door and out this place. Go back to where the Ice Room was at, but DON'T enter it.. There's an armor dude and other soldiers blocking the area to thr Waste Disposal Room, Throw a Hand Grenade and all the soldiers will die, snipe the aromor dude in the head and he's decapitated! Another armor guy will come so snipe him too, get whatever the enemies left you. Go down the passage to the door at the end that leads to the Waste Disposal....Outta this place!! ============= Waste Disposal ============== Get the TMP ammo on the crates and open the door at the side, kill the two soldiers in here. Get the hand grenade in this room and you'll see soldiers and one JJ bastard down there(sorry, no crane to lift the enemies up this time!.) Zoom in on JJ and snipe him twice then get near the door you just came in from and wait for the enemies to come from the door ahead. Kill the soldiers that come with the TMP and then JJ will come! The most you cna do is, snipe him ON THE HEAD around three times more and he'll die, get the items they left you and go through the door they just enter. Don't jump down the ladder yet! There's two soldiers that will try to throw you fireworks but because you're on top, the idiots will likely blow themselves up! Jump down now, and get the herb down here, ignore the waste dump hole, you can't jump down here in Assignment Ada, so go left to the corner of this area and open the door.. Climb the steps here and you'll find yourself in a room with two soldiers. Kill both of them with the Punishere and activate the switch that the soldier activated to close the door at the back of the room(the one you have to get through.) When you do, four soldiers will come, so kill them with the TMP and grab the items in the room. Now the door in the back is open... so go through.... ============ Packing Room ============ The room where you get Ashley back with Leon, remember? Go around the corner and open a cabinet on the wall to get a grenade. Don't go to the brown door yet! Enter the Packing Room(where the paperplane comes from with Leon) and you'll meet some soldiers inside. There's one with a shield so use the TMP for that one, and the others take care of them with your Punisher and melee moves. Get what they might leave you and make your way to the back of the room, you'll see a case, open it, you just got the THIRD PLAGA SAMPLE!! So two more to go, one you'll get in a place, the other you'll get it when you defeat the main boos(Krauser.) So you're nearing to your mission.. get out of the Packing Room then make your way to the brown door outside I told you not to go in before, enter... Another of these passages, just go through, and enter the door at the end of it... ============ Crazy Place =========== You'll know why I call this place like this in just a second! There's two soldiers right here so kill them, get what they leave you. Go down the stairs and you'll meet two other soldiers, kill them, easily with your Punisher. Get the handgun ammo near the window down here and the herb. Make your way to the white door at the right corner and try to open it... As you will see, the door get's lock for some wierd reason and up the stairs, enemies will come- FOUR shielded enemies! And the reason it's called the Crazy Place for me, The fat guy JJ!! Stay in that corner and egde yourself near enough to see one shield guy, snipe him in the top of the shield and his head will blow up, then the other shielded guys and JJ will come. Throw a hand grenade to kill all the soldiers quick and leave yourself with only JJ to kill! Snipe JJ in the head, about three to four times will be enough to kill him, you may have gotten hit by his shots if your rifle wasn't fast enough so heal yourself if you did. Now you could enter the white door, but I would let the soldiers come in first.. -------------------------------------- Kill the soldiers that come in with your TMP or Punisher like always, you shouldn't get hurt... Go through the door, and you'll be in another passage, when you get near the door straight way, two soldiers will come out with fireworks t throw. Kill one of them only! And he'll blow up and kill the other soldier along with him...nice..sorta dumb too(for the guys I mean..) Go inside the door they came through and you'll find a herb and some ammo to put on your case, so get them! Get out that door, and you should see another door to your right side. That's the door you have to get through. So enter.... ============= Lab- yeah! ============= You're nearing the end of this mission! So don't start to feel naseous and mad already! Go through the door here and you'll meet soldier with an electric stick right here, take care of him with your Punisher and another one will come. Kill this one as well, go on and turn right to open this case with ammo, there's a operating thing here too but you don't have to operate it yet. Jump over the long window to the capsule room. ============ Capsule Room ============ Don't get the item yet from the second capsule! Behind the capsules, there's some three herbs, a red , a green, and a yellow, so all of them, combine them. Ands there's also three glasses to break here that contain two packs of each- Handgun ammo, Rifle ammo, and TMP ammo. After you get them you can go to the capsule and get, guess what? Yeah, THE FOURTH PLAGA SAMPLE! You got all the samples of the places, now you only have to fight Krauser for the last one, and your mission will be completed. But, right now you have to get through of what's next! Jump over the window again to the place that has that operator and operate it so the electric door that the enemies locked begin to work again. Now, a lot of soldiers will come to you, including an armor dude, see that red fire thing there? Kinda of a long thin red bottle, when the soldiers and armor guy get near, shoot it, and they'll all die! Finish off the armor guy with a snipw to the head. Jump over the window again and make your way to the back of the capsule room where the electric door is at. Too bad that a shielded dude and armor guy just entered! I suggest to snipe the shieled dude in the head first then kill the shielded one. Go through the electric door and enter the door behind it! Get ready.. The place where Leon goes to try to send a message to his helpers in the island, remember? You're here.. You have to go to that lift in the distance, too bad there's a giant passage to get over there, and anything may happen on your way to it..shiver...shiver....shiver.. So start your way to the lift, walk, run, walk, run.. BUT! When you're about to reach it, behind you comes a guy with a wing, shielding himself, a fast action music will play- KRAUSER!! Rip the two barrels here to get ammo and a FA spray, now turn around and be ready to fight for the last Plaga Sample(and for the Chicago Typewriter, of course.) ========================= Main Boss Fight- Krauser ========================= ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ KRAUSER!!!! Wait for him to get pretty near you.. Aim at his legs and snipe him so he bents down revealing his whole body. Shoot him once or twice with the rifle and he'll recover, if you have a grenade throw it so he bends down and shoot him with rifle or TMP again. If you want, you could run away and go back to the door where you came from. When you come back in Krauser will be in the other side, which leaves you time to aim at his legs or heal. Always remember to dodge when he trys to slice you, Ada is VERY weak to hits from his wing and his kicks so always stay a distance away. The main key is to shoot his legs and shoot, or slice him while he's uncovered. You will likely get hit in a fast move he does so always heal. After you snipe him enough times in the legs and shoot him on the body HE'LL THROW A FLASH GRENADE AND RUN AWAY!! Like always, that DAMN coward! This guy may be hard with Ada, so if you just CAN'T beat him, you could always e-mail me and ask me for more specific details on it! Now, get the Plaga Sample he leaves! Now you have completed the mission! It WAS pretty short and easy that's why you shouldn't have had that much of problems-really! =========== Movie Scene ========== Now, look at the movie scene where Ada talks to Wesker about the sample(does Wesker want to try out the sample or something?) And why does Ada say that Krausre's dead when she saw him get away? E-mail me if you have an answer to my question! ============== some stuff ============= After this, you will have the almighty Chicago Typewriter! Now you have to find a way to get the 1 million pesetas, I'll submit a money FAQ of RE4 soon.. ============= Uploads ============ There's no current uploads, but I plan to upload this FAQ and put it in my original RE4 FAQ.. I finished with this whole FAQ on 6/24/2006.. ============= Credits ============= I want to thank Frederick Hayes for telling me that you can shoot the spotlight at the beginning of the mission. I also want to thank RE4 Jacob for telling me some ways to kill Krauser.. AND to verdugo_x2l who was cool enough to let me be on his cool list! One of my good friends of Neoseeker.. I want to thank, like always the creators of the best game EVER! RE4!! I guess I also want to thank my whole family... For everything they ever did for me since I was a kid... ============== About me.. ============= My name is Cristian Castillo, and am 14 years old. I currently go to the 8th grade, at ORR middle school. I was born in Los Angeles on 3/31/1992 and lived there until I was 9. I now live in Las vegas, Nevada, where I got into this whole FAQ thing.. Right now my big ambition is the FIFA world cup 2006. I went for Mexico, but got eliminated today, so now I go for Brasil! Yeah! My favorite game is RE4 and I like downloading and hacking... The music I like is from Nirvana, to U2 and other great rock bands.. I look forward for RE5 and for the champion of the World Cup! ================= Legal Information ================= Now, for all the legal stuff.. -------------------------------------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, Private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed Publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web Site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation Of copyright. Please ask my permission first if you want to use this Somewhere, or credit me please or else I値l hunt you down! grrr... It belongs to me, Cristian Castillo! I won't really hunt you down, just so you know... ------------------------------------------------------------ (c)Cristian Castillo,14,(Criscrazy) This game is rated M for mature, 17+ It includes: Blood and Gore Intense Violence ---------------- The rating icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners... ASSIGNMENT ADA FAQ Did it helped?, tell me, just e-mail me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RESIDNET EVIL 4! Wating for uploads.....

This document is copyright criscrazy and hosted by Neoseeker with permission.

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