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I was inspired to do this post after I researched for something online. I was honestly curious about how people started shipping Kaisoo, since I never saw a specific moment that made people ship them together. Because, everything has a start, right? So, giving this thought a shot, I started to research…

And I found this on fykaisoo (apparently, someone had the same doubt as me!):

I put the link of the answer above, but if you’re lazy to click at it or you don’t know what predebut they talked about, I’ll put them here because I’m a masochist and I love Kaisoo too much to let it go.  

I really don’t know why people started shipping Kaisoo romantically after these pictures came out… sarcastic laugh

This picture only confirms what Jongin said on EXO Second Box DVD about him and Kyungsoo going to take a coffee and hang out together.

Full gifset here.

The iconic Kaisoo pose again (Kyungsoo with his cheek close to Jongin’s). 

 No comment needed on this one, honestly.

Fykaisoo’s post has another pictures/gifs that show some moments of them in MAMA Era.

Some moments of Kaisoo being clingy with each other. Not only Jongin being clingy with Kyungsoo, but the other way around, as well. What is super important, if you consider Kyungsoo’s personality as someone who doesn’t like people touching him.

This moment is very important to me because it was after Jongin suffered an injury. You can see Kyungsoo carrying him and his face looks so determined… I don’t know how to explain this, I just think that’s very deep.

This is another moment I appreciate tenderly. Some members of EXO-K are talking to the camera, but Jongin and Kyungsoo are missing. It’s almost imperceptible, but, if you look closely, you can see Kyungsoo having his throat massaged by Jongin. When Kyungsoo spots the camera, he reacts with surprise and tries to hide. Not very successful, I would say.

Everything I just saw made me take some conclusions that I wanted to share here that maybe will sound obvious for a lot of people:

  1. Kaisoo was always reaaaaally close, since predebut days no shit, Sherlock;
  2. They didn’t have a start point, like one moment in front of the cameras, in a showcase or concert. They just had this awesome relationship since the beginning and, when people realised this, some of them started to ship them together;
  3. Right after their debut, Kyungsoo and Jongin still touched each other a lot in public places, but not because they were forced to (I think). For me, it was a habit, that they kept doing it lightly for a time;
  4. They were always there with each other, taking care of each other and making sure that the other was alright. I put some other moments I found online to illustrate this:

Kyungsoo opening the water bottle and giving it to Jongin instead of drinking it first. 

I didn’t find the video of this moment, but it’s basically Jongin with a hot pack on his hand. Sehun wanted it because it was pretty cold. Jongin wanted to share his hot pack with Kyungsoo instead, but he refused. He was feeling cold as well, but he preferred to see Jongin with the hot pack instead of taking it from him! 

I just stay mad when some people say that Kaisoo is planned by SM or they fake their friendship or whatever. I mean, those people don’t know them at all! I know and agree that some fans exaggerate a lot about some of their moments, but it’s a normal thing to do. A lot of shippers of other couples do the same thing and, believe me, it’s normal. But say that everything Kaisoo does is fake? 

Their interactions changed a lot through the years, it’s a fact. But that’s why Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin matured as human beings and they’re a lot busier than they used to be. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other anymore or that they’re not together anymore (as friends, or lovers, whatever you decide to call them).

I swear that I tried to imagine just for fun they going to take a coffee and take selcas there because SM obliged them to and this idea is one of the most ridiculous things I ever thought in my life.

Kaisoo has this huge quantity of shippers because the sincere way they build their relationship every day, with every interaction. Shipping them as brothers, best friends or even lovers don’t change the fact that they really appreciate each other’s company and are really fond of each other.

And honestly, knowing this in my heart, even if they don’t date, makes me really proud to be a Kaisoo shipper.


Credits here. If even a Baekhyun’s friend admitted that Jongin and Kyungsoo were close, who am I to say otherwise, right? Or maybe he was paid for SM to say that, because Kaisoo makes part of “SM’s fake couples”! That’s something we’ll never know.

kaisootv: Hey there, so someone told me the other day that they really think of Kaisoo as just really close friends and nothing more, I've seen your analysis on Kaisoo and stuff like that so I was wondering if you could help me out here 😁 (I really like your Kaisoo posts btw they're logical and less delusional,that's something I lack tbh)

Hello!! First of all, thank you for appreciating the analysis I do. But I want to tell you to be free to take your own conclusions about Kaisoo’s relationship. Everyone see a fact, or a bunch of facts with their own perspective, so you don’t need to feel worried/bad for disagreeing with me or another shipper. We don’t own the truth about their feelings for each other, after all. And I’m sorry for taking too long to answer this! I wanted to answer this in a simple way, but I transform this post in a huge essay.

But answering your question, the basics thing you and every Kaisoo needs to be sure is Kaisoo is, indeed, close with each other. A lot of the moments they shared through the years prove that. If someone - anyone - still have doubts, let’s see what other people outside Kaisoo bubble tell about them.

Even Chanyeol admitted that Kyungsoo and Jongin are the closest. Not only two colleagues that like each others company, but the closest. To me, it means something.

Even Baekhyun’s friend told about how Kaisoo were so close to each other, that made Baekhyun mutter about it.

Okay, now that this part is solved I’ll try to answer your question. How close Kyungsoo and Jongin (not Kaisoo or Kaido or Kadi or Dika) really are? Are they just friends? Brothers? Lovers? I don’t have an answer for this and it’s not my goal to give you a proper one. But I’ll analyse some possibilities and you can choose what make you the happiest. After all, the objective of shipping is to have fun with it.

I want to talk about the friendship point of view.  I got a little list of things that everyone can see in a best friend relationship and I’ll compare some items with some Kaisoo moments. You can take your own conclusions.

1. Understand without speaking.

Kaisoo has a lot of this. They just stare at each others eyes and they know how the other feels and they know exactly what to do. It’s awesome, to be honest.

2. Tease each other.

Of course! I think Jongin is the mischevious kind of person that, when he’s close enough with someone, he’ll tease them. I see that he teases Kyungsoo too, although he teases him more carefully (idk if he’s afraid of being beaten or something). But it’s something that friends do and watching this side of them is nice.

3. Rely on each other.

This is my fave item on this list. Friendship is not just be there for the person, is to help them when they need, even if they don’t speak anything at all. Help them, be on their side no matter what. Kyungsoo and Jongin are reserved, but that’s a side of their relationship that the fans see quite often.

4. Feel comfortable around one another.

The post I linked talks about feeling comfortable even when you do something stupid or embarrassing. While talking about this topic, I want to bring another point: how they are comfortable being beside each other and having a small distance between each other’s bodies. I honestly don’t know why they’re like this, but even these days you can see in a different perspective while they’re seated together. Like, talking more, whispering, having fun…

All the memembers have their distance, but Kaisoo…

5. Have similar interests/hobbies/goals/pasts.

They always gave their all to be where they are now and together (inside EXO or in their individual fields) they have the chance to improve each day. Music and the dream of being idols brought them together.

6. Grow together as individuals and as friends.

This catches a little of what I’ve talked above, but it’s deeper. I think that being in the same group together is something that they’re proud of. We can see Kyungsoo and Jongin praising each other continuously in EXO Second Box and the hug they shared in Singapore. Maybe it seems forced for some, but I think that they were happy to be able to celebrate their birthdays and have each other’s company.

Before someone starts yelling at me on anon telling me that “you’re not a true kaisoo shipper bcs you don’t see them as a romantic couple” ou “u should die, u bitch”, I want to tell you that’s a way to see Kaisoo: as friends. And that’s okay. As long that makes the person happy, it’s a good thing. But that’s not the only way to see them as something more. And that’s okay too (without crossing the boundaries, ofc)!!! And that’s what I’ll try to answer now. Why a lot of people see them as a romantic couple?

Firstly, I just want to say that it’s not impossible. Even with South Korea prejudice against same-sex relationships, it wouldn’t stop them to do it, if they loved each other this way. I read a book that talked about lesbian relationships during Inquisition and, man, it was more common that you think. Who studied this subject at school knows how Catholic Church was strict with what they called sodomy, creating laws to prevent this from happening and even burning them alive. Even with this reality, same-sex couples existed inside convents, hospitals, and other places. So, don’t come with me with this argument. It, alone, won’t work.

But continuing, Kaisoo is different from other couples for some aspects such as:

1. Their chemistry

It’s something you can’t actually see. Maybe it’s a shipper thing, but, since other people noticed how nice they are together and they don’t ship Kaisoo, I don’t think that it’s only a shipper thing. It’s something you feel when you see them interacting or looking at each other. The way they move when they’re together, how they react… It’s on the small things and it’s nice to watch.

2. Jealousy moments

I like to think that Jongin is possessive instead of jealous. It has a difference between those two words, anyway. A jealous person is who has thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, and anxiety over an anticipated loss or status of something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection. A possessive person, in other hand is the feeling/desire to keep with you what you already possess or don’t want to share with others what you have. Probably he’s both tho, Idk. Anyway, what I want to say, is that Kyungsoo and Jongin already have a solid relationship (I don’t know what type) and is clear that Jongin doesn’t like to see his hyung interacting with other people in a similar way they do.

3. The “I love you’s”

We already know how hard is for Jongin to do or say things he doesn’t mean or do random fanservices to please fans. And, if you know Jongin enough, you know that he doesn’t tell he loves someone or something just to be nice. That’s why I treasure the moments the confesses how he loves Kyungsoo (maybe not in a romantic manner, but fuck it). All of them are honest and beautiful and it’s visible how he says it because it’s something he feels inside his heart.

And, even if Kyungsoo never said it back, the way he stares at Jongin with admiration says it all.

I could vent about Kaisoo all night, but I think I said enough for today. My opinion about Kaisoo is that their relationship is something more than a simple friendship or carnal love. It’s a bond they built with admiration and understanding and this feeling itself makes me believe that this couple is special, even if they’re not dating.

I think I confused you even more, I’m sorry D:

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