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I have a strong sense of responsibility about the work I complete.   Each day I strive to do my personal best.   I developed a strong work ethic during my primary years of education.   I am not certain if I developed this fundamental attitude through my religious background or my disciplined household.   Regardless of how I acquired this skill, this set of values is significant to me.   My work ethic not only includes how I do my job, but it defines my attitude, behavior, respect, and interactions with others.   I am accustom to routine, which has undoubtedly strengthened my work ethic.
My life style includes putting education before extracurricular activities.   Homework was completed at the same place and at the same time daily.   I would not go to bed until the work was finished.   I always want to understand my homework and have it done correctly.   If I did not understand it, I would go to my teacher for help first thing in the morning.   I get upset when I make an error, because I feel that I am displeasing my teacher.
I am always attentive and I give 100% of my effort in basketball practice and games.   I have a huge heart for the sport and I will never give up.   I was the captain of the JV girls' basketball team and I was awarded the Most Valuable player trophy in 2011.   Others benefit from my achievements because my friends enjoy the challenge of performing better than me.   Even when the circumstances are difficult, I am not easily discouraged.
I started to work at the YMCA in the summer of 2012.   I was a receptionist in the Welcome Center department.   I went through training for many months. For example, I had to memorize the prices of the programs, the YMCA members and the program members.   I also learned how to answer the phone and successfully help the customers.   I correctly complete the tasks as if it was schoolwork.   My supervisor appreciates all the hard work.
I desire to do a good job, and to be a good person in all the areas in my life.   Whether it is at...

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