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Agatha Christie is the queen of detective fiction, and with a staggering amount of novels and short story collections to her name, it's no wonder her legacy has stood the test of time. Whether you're a detective fiction super-fan looking for the more obscure titles or new to the works of this fantastic author, you'll want to check out our ultimate list of all Agatha Christie's books and short story collections.

The Poirot Novels:

Agatha Christie wrote over 30 books about Poirot and he has become her best-known character. Join the famous detective through a range of thrilling murder mysteries.

1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles

2. The Murder on the Links

3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

4. The Big Four

5. The Mystery of the Blue Train

6. Peril at End House

7. Lord Edgware Dies

8. Murder on the Orient Express

9. Death in the Clouds

10. Murder in Mesopotamia

11. The ABC Murders

12. Cards on the Table

13. Dumb Witness

14. Death on the Nile

15. Appointment with Death

16. Hercule Poirot's Christmas

17. Sad Cypress

18. Evil Under The Sun

19. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

20. The Hollow

21. Taken At The Flood

22. Mrs McGinty's Dead

23. After the Funeral

24. Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly

25. Hickory Dickory Dock

26. Dead Man's Folly

27. Cat Among the Pigeons

28. The Clocks

29. Third Girl

30. Hallowe'en Party

31. Elephants Can Remember

32. Curtain

33. Black Coffee

The Poirot Short Story Collections:

For some shorter adventures with the world-famous detective, check out one of Agatha Christie's Poirot short story collections.

1. Poirot Investigates

2. Murder in the Mews

3. The Labours of Hercules

4. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (Poirot and Miss Marple short stories)

5. Poirot's Early Cases

Poirot Novels Written by Sophie Hannah:

These brilliant books were written by Sophie Hannah using Agatha Christie's classic character to bring the world some fresh Poirot mysteries.

1. The Monogram Murders

2. Closed Casket

The Miss Marple Novels:

Miss Marple is a very different kind of detective to the world-famous Poriot but she is just as entertaining and, with 12 books dedicated to her, her stories are sure to absorb you.

1. The Murder at the Vicarage

2. The Body in the Library

3. The Moving Finger

4. A Murder Is Announced

5. They Do it with Mirrors

6. A Pocket Full of Rye

7. 4.50 From Paddington

8. The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side

9. A Caribbean Mystery

10. At Bertram's Hotel

11. Nemesis

12. Sleeping Murder

The Miss Marple Short Story Collections:

To read more Miss Marple mysteries, check out Agatha Christie's short story collections about this brilliant amateur detective.

1. The Thirteen Problems

2. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

3. Miss Marple's Final Cases

The Tommy and Tuppence Novels:

This crime-solving couple are the stars of four of Agatha Christie's novels and they prove solving mysteries doesn't have to be a lonely business.

1. The Secret Adversary

2. N or M

3. By the Pricking of My Thumbs

4. Postern of Fate

The Tommy and Tuppence Short Story Collection:

For more bitesize Tommy and Tuppence adventures check out the short story collection.

Partners in Crime

Novels Written as Part of the Detection Club:

The Detection Club was a writing group of British detective fiction authors who would advise each other about their own works and write novels collaboratively together. Agatha Christie was president of The Detection Club from 1957 to 1976. Discover great books by the best detective fiction authors of the 20th century in these collaborative classics.

1. The Floating Admiral

2. Ask A Policeman

3. Six Against The Yard

Novels as Mary Westmacott:

Agatha Christie wrote under her pseudonym, Mary Westmacott, when she wanted to explore her writing outside of the crime genre. Experience a very different type of story with her Mary Westmacott novels.

1. Giant's Bread

2. Unfinished Portrait

3. Absent in the Spring

4. The Rose and the Yew Tree

5. A Daughter's A Daughter

6. The Burden

Other Novels:

Not all Agatha Christie's mysteries featured Poirot and Miss Marple, dive into her huge range of crime novels to find some more obscure reads.

1. The Man in the Brown Suit

2. The Secret of Chimneys

3. The Seven Dials Mystery

4. The Sittaford Mystery

5. Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

6. Three Act Tragedy

7. Murder is Easy

8. And Then There Were None

9. Five Little Pigs

10. Towards Zero

11. Death Comes At The End

12. Sparkling Cyanide

13. Crooked House

14. They Came to Baghdad

15. Destination Unknown

16. Ordeal By Innocence

17. The Pale Horse

18. Endless Night

19. Passenger to Frankfurt

20. The Unexpected Guest

21. Spider's Web

Other Short Story Collections:

If you're seeking some quick mysteries, get absorbed in one of Agatha Christie's brilliant short story collections.

1. The Mysterious Mr Quin

2. The Listerdale Mystery

3. Parker Pyne Investigates

4. The Harlequin Tea Set

Check our full range of Agatha Christie books and collections to play detective yourself.

A bibliography of the detective or mystery novels and other works of Agatha Christie.


Agatha Christie wrote 66 detective or mystery novels.

1920The Mysterious Affair at StylesHercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Inspector Japp
1922The Secret AdversaryTommy and Tuppence
1923The Murder on the LinksHercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Monsieur Giraud
1924The Man in the Brown SuitColonel Race
Anne Beddingfeld
1925The Secret of ChimneysSuperintendent Battle
Anthony Cade
1926The Murder of Roger AckroydHercule Poirot
Inspector Raglan
1927The Big FourHercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Inspector Japp
1928The Mystery of the Blue TrainHercule Poirot
1929The Seven Dials MysterySuperintendent Battle
Eileen "Bundle" Brent
1930The Murder at the VicarageMiss Marple
Inspector Slack
1931The Sittaford Mystery
also Murder at Hazelmoor
Emily Trefusis
Inspector Narracott, Charles Enderby
1932Peril at End HouseHercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Inspector Japp
1933Lord Edgware Dies
also Thirteen at Dinner
Hercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Inspector Japp
1934Murder on the Orient Express
also Murder in the Calais Coach
Hercule Poirot
1934Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
also The Boomerang Clue
Bobby Jones
Frankie Derwent
1935Three Act Tragedy
also Murder in Three Acts
Hercule Poirot
Mr. Satterthwaite
1935Death in the Clouds
also Death in the Air
Hercule Poirot
Inspector Japp
1936The A.B.C. Murders
also The Alphabet Murders
Hercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings, Chief Inspector Japp
1936Murder in MesopotamiaHercule Poirot
Captain Maitland, Dr. Reilly
1936Cards on the TableHercule Poirot
Colonel Race, Superintendent Battle, Ariadne Oliver
1937Dumb Witness
also Poirot Loses a Client/Mystery at Littlegreen House
Hercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings
1937Death on the NileHercule Poirot
Colonel Race
1938Appointment with DeathHercule Poirot
1938Hercule Poirot's Christmas
also Murder for Christmas/A Holiday for Murder
Hercule Poirot
1939Murder is Easy
also Easy to Kill
Superintendent Battle
Luke Fitzwilliam
1939Ten Little Niggers
also And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians
Sir Thomas Legge
Inspector Maine
1940Sad CypressHercule Poirot
1940One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
also An Overdose of Death/The Patriotic Murders
Hercule Poirot
Chief Inspector Japp
1941Evil Under the SunHercule Poirot
Colonel Weston, Inspector Colgate
1941N or M?Tommy and Tuppence
1942The Body in the LibraryMiss Marple
Inspector Slack
1942Five Little Pigs
also Murder in Retrospect
Hercule Poirot
1942The Moving Finger
also The Case of the Moving Finger
Miss Marple
1944Towards Zero
also Come and Be Hanged
Superintendent Battle
Inspector James Leach
1944Death Comes as the EndHori
1945Sparkling Cyanide
also Remembered Death
Colonel Race
Chief Inspector Kemp
1946The Hollow
also Murder After Hours
Hercule Poirot
Inspector Grange
1948Taken at the Flood
also There is a Tide...
Hercule Poirot
Superintendent Spence
1949Crooked HouseCharles Hayward
Chief Inspector Taverner, Josephine Leonides
1950A Murder is AnnouncedMiss Marple
Chief Inspector Craddock
1951They Came to BaghdadVictoria Jones
1952Mrs McGinty's Dead
also Blood Will Tell
Hercule Poirot
Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Spence
1952They Do It with Mirrors
also Murder with Mirrors
Miss Marple
Inspector Curry
1953After the Funeral
also Funerals are Fatal
Hercule Poirot
Inspector Morton, Mr. Goby
1953A Pocket Full of RyeMiss Marple
1954Destination Unknown
also So Many Steps to Death

Hilary Craven

1955Hickory Dickory Dock
also Hickory Dickory Death
Hercule Poirot
Inspector Sharpe
1956Dead Man's FollyHercule Poirot
Ariadne Oliver
19574.50 from Paddington
also What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!/Murder She Said
Miss Marple
Chief Inspector Craddock, Lucy Eyelesbarrow
1958Ordeal by InnocenceArthur Calgary
Superintendent Huish
1959Cat Among the PigeonsHercule Poirot
Inspector Kelsey, Adam Goodman
1961The Pale HorseInspector Lejeune
Ariadne Oliver, Mark Easterbrook
1962The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side
also The Mirror Crack'd
Miss Marple
Chief Inspector Craddock
1963The ClocksHercule Poirot
Det. Inspector Hardcastle, Colin Lamb
1964A Caribbean MysteryMiss Marple
1965At Bertram's HotelMiss Marple
Chief Inspector Fred "Father" Davy
1966Third GirlHercule Poirot
Ariadne Oliver, Chief Inspector Neele, Mr. Goby
1967Endless Night -
1968By the Pricking of My ThumbsTommy and Tuppence
1969Hallowe'en PartyHercule Poirot
Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Spence
1970Passenger to Frankfurt -
1971NemesisMiss Marple
1972Elephants Can RememberHercule Poirot
Ariadne Oliver
1973Postern of Fate
Last novel Christie wrote
Tommy and Tuppence
Poirot's last case, written 36 years earlier.
Hercule Poirot
Arthur Hastings
1976Sleeping Murder
Miss Marple's last case, written 36 years earlier

Miss MarpleGwenda Reed, Giles Reed

Collections of short storiesEdit

In addition to her 66 mystery novels, Christie published 153 short stories in her career. Almost all of these were written for publication in fiction magazines with over half of them first appearing in the 1920s. They were then published in book form in various collections, some of which were identical in the UK and US (e.g. The Labours of Hercules) and others where publication took place in one market but not the other.

Twelve of the stories which were published in The Sketch magazine in 1924 under the sub-heading of The Man who was No. 4 were joined in one continuous narrative in the novel The Big Four in 1927. Four other stories, "The Submarine Plans" (1923), "Christmas Adventure" (1923), "The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest" (1932) and "The Second Gong" (1932), were expanded into longer narratives by Christie (respectively The Incredible Theft, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, The Mystery of the Spanish Chest and Dead Man's Mirror, although the shorter versions of all four have also been published in the UK).

Only one short story remains unpublished in the UK in book form: "Three Blind Mice" (1948), on which Christie placed a moratorium whilst the stage play based on the story, The Mousetrap, was still running in the West End. Prior to this the story was published in four instalments in the weekly magazine Woman's Own in the issues dated 31 December 1948 to 21 January 1949 with illustrations by K. J. Petts.

In the US, "Christmas Adventure" is the only story unpublished. The longer version "Adventure of the Christmas Pudding", which is based on "Christmas Adventure", can be found in Double Sin and Other Stories under the name "The Theft of the Royal Ruby".

The main collections in both markets are:

  • 1924 Poirot Investigates (Eleven short stories in the UK, fourteen in the US)
  • 1929 Partners in Crime (Fifteen short stories; featuring Tommy and Tuppence)
  • 1930 The Mysterious Mr. Quin (Twelve short stories; introducing Mr. Harley Quin)
  • 1932 The Thirteen Problems (Thirteen short stories; featuring Miss Marple. Published as The Tuesday Club Murders in the US.)
  • 1933 The Hound of Death (Twelve short stories –UK only)
  • 1934 The Listerdale Mystery (Twelve short stories –UK version, US version published in 2010 in eBook format only)
  • 1934 Parker Pyne Investigates (Twelve short stories; introducing Parker Pyne and Ariadne Oliver. Published as Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective in the US.)
  • 1937 Murder in the Mews (Four novella-length stories; featuring Hercule Poirot. Published as Dead Man's Mirror in the US, but without The Incredible Theft.)
  • 1939 The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (Nine short stories –US only)
  • 1947 The Labours of Hercules (Twelve short stories; featuring Hercule Poirot)
  • 1948 The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (Eleven short stories –US only)
  • 1950 Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (Nine short stories –US only)
  • 1951 The Under Dog and Other Stories (Nine short stories –US only)
  • 1960 The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (Six short stories –UK version, US version published in 2004)
  • 1961 Double Sin and Other Stories (Eight short stories –US only)
  • 1971 The Golden Ball and Other Stories (Fifteen short stories –US only)
  • 1974 Poirot's Early Cases (Eighteen short stories. Published as Hercule Poirot's Early Cases in the US.)
  • 1979 Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories (Eight short stories –UK and Commonwealth Countries only)
  • 1984 Hercule Poirot's Casebook (Fifty short stories: fourteen from Poirot Investigates, all twelve from The Labours of Hercules, eight from The Under Dog and Other Stories, five from The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, all four from Murder in the Mews, four from Double Sin and Other Stories, and three from Three Blind Mice and Other Stories)
  • 1991 Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories (Eight short stories –UK and Commonwealth Countries only)
  • 1997 The Harlequin Tea Set (Nine short stories –US only)
  • 1997 While the Light Lasts and Other Stories (Nine short stories –UK and Commonwealth Countries only)
  • 2013 Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly (Novella; Expanded into the novel Dead Man's Folly)

In addition, various collections have been published over the years which re-print short stories which have previously appeared in other collections – e.g. Surprise, Surprise! (1965 in the US). On occasion, besides the reprinted material these collections have sometimes contained the first book printing of an individual story – e.g. The Market Basing Mystery in the UK version of Thirteen for Luck! (1966) which later appeared in the same market in Poirot's Early Cases.

Romance novels written under the pen name Mary WestmacottEdit

See Mary Westmacott


Radio playsEdit

Television playsEdit

  • 1937 Wasp's Nest (Based on the short story of the same name)


Other published worksEdit

Co-authored worksEdit

  • 1930 Behind The Screen. A radio serial written together with Hugh Walpole, Dorothy L. Sayers, Anthony Berkeley, E. C. Bentley and Ronald Knox of the Detection Club. Published in book form in 1983 in The Scoop and Behind The Screen.
  • 1931 The Scoop. A radio serial written together with Dorothy L. Sayers, E. C. Bentley, Anthony Berkeley, Freeman Wills Crofts and Clemence Dane of the Detection Club. Published in book form in 1983 in The Scoop and Behind The Screen.
  • 1931 The Floating Admiral. A book written together with G. K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers and certain other members of the Detection Club.
  • 1956 Towards Zero (A West End theatre dramatisation of her 1944 novel co-written with Gerard Verner)

Unpublished materialEdit

  • Personal Call (supernatural radio play, featuring Inspector Narracott who also appeared in The Sittaford Mystery; a recording is in the British Library Sound Archive)
  • The Woman and the Kenite (horror; a translation, from an Italian magazine of the 1920s): This story was originally published in English in an Australian Magazine.
  • Butter In a Lordly Dish (horror/detective radio play, adapted from The Woman and the Kenite)
  • Being So Very Wilful (romantic)
  • Snow Upon the Desert (romantic novel)
  • Stronger than Death (supernatural)
  • The Green Gate (supernatural)
  • The Greenshore Folly (novella featuring Hercule Poirot; the basis for Dead Man's Folly) [Published in Kindle format as "Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly" on Nov. 12, 2013.]
  • The War Bride (supernatural)
  • Eugenia and Eugenics (stage play)
  • Witchhazel (supernatural short story)
  • Someone at the Window (play adapted from short story The Dead Harlequin)
  • Miss Perry (stage play)

Works by other authors based on Christie's worksEdit

Plays adapted into novelsEdit

Charles Osborne novelised three of Christie's plays:

These three novels are now available in the collection Murder In Three Stages.

Works adapted into playsEdit

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