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Helpful Hints On How To Come Up With Research Paper Topics On Bullying

One of the crucial and most pressing problems in current society is the issue of bullying. Unfortunately, only a small proportion of the world population could say that they have not suffered from some form of abuse during their lives. Bullying is all around us – it’s an issue that will not go away by itself.

If only teachers could have more time to talk with their students about bullying and peer violence, our world would be a better place. The main problem is a lack of time – all school curriculums are full of redundant information. In such circumstances teachers implement what they can manage on their own, so they assign homework and research work inspired by themes that have not found a place in the official plans.

In order to find the right topics for this problem, we are presenting a list with great helpful hints.

  • Peer violence
  • Students can write the best essays in the field on this topic. This type of abuse is well known to students through the experiences of their friends and unfortunately for some, their own. A large number of participants are involved in this problem. Topics could target the profiles of abusers, but themes can also be directed towards the ones who have suffered. There is scope for an analysis of a particularly negative role – about the person who stands by and observes the violence without the desire to help.

  • Cyber bullying
  • Everything is online these days, even violence and bullying. Kids are receiving threats every single day from bullies using popular social networks. Every single word that is written about this problem is worth its weight in gold, because society is still trying to ignore this problem.

  • Harassment and humiliation of other people's feelings
  • Unfortunately, today's students do not realize that harassment and humiliation could be a form of abuse and bullying.

  • Undermining other people’s self-esteem
  • This kind of research could easily prove that the entire society is sensitive to criticism and insults.

  • Fights and how to prevent them
  • Students sometimes enter into physical conflicts during a regular day of school. Usually there is no specific reason for the outbreak of fighting and conflict. A great researcher would give his personal opinion, but he could also conduct interviews in order to delve deeper into this problem.

  • Random acts of violence and abuse
  • Violence of this type is frightening and dangerous mostly because the victims are seemingly randomly chosen. Choosing this particular area would be quite difficult, but it could be also rewarding, because this form of violence is still under study.


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20 Acute Research Paper Questions About Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is a real phenomenon that has been present for some time in the past. The advent of social media has seen several people being bullied online by those who are already a little adept at the platforms. The intentions may or may not be mala-fide. But the fact it has existed cannot be denied. There are now cybercrime cells that help in preventing cyber bullying.

If you are attempting a paper on the subject, you should know that there are several aspects you may god into. Here is a collection of research topics.

20 good research topics on cyber bullying

  1. Look at cyber bullying as a phenomenon that emerged as a child of the social media

  2. Is the social media the only platform for cyber bullying?

  3. Comment on the state of cyber bullying prevention acts in developed nations

  4. Why should cyber bullying be considered a crime in every nation?

  5. Is execution of bloggers and writers the greatest form of cyber bullying?

  6. Should the IT cell of a nation counter negative news and thoughts?

  7. Who is the one that decides whether or not a case qualifies as an instant of cyber bullying?

  8. Comment on the presence of cyber bullying in school children

  9. How can school children be protected from cyber bullying?

  10. Should parents be alert about the online activities of their children to prevent cyber bullying?

  11. What is the line that distinguishes healthy debate from cyber bullying?

  12. Can mocking the opinion of a minor amount to cyber bullying?

  13. Is sedition on the internet a part of cyber bullying?

  14. Prescribe eight preventive steps to counter cyber bullying

  15. Look at cyber bullying as a creation of the unemployed

  16. How is cyber bullying related to crimes against children: express your ideas with the help of tabular facts and figures

  17. Is there a need to crackdown on those who use child paintings as an exclusive medium for humor and mockery?

  18. Where can you find case studies and how to deal with the larger issue of child bullying on the internet?

  19. Does asking someone to send naked pictures and videos over the internet amount to cyber bullying? Justify your answer with examples

  20. Narrate a case study of a cyber-bullying case that was solved successfully by the IT cell of a nation.
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