Examples Of Childhood Epiphanies Essay

The glorious AHA moment: brilliance seemingly striking out of nowhere, and instantly we have it all figured out. Hello epiphany! I've been waiting for you.

Most of us had moments of realizations, whether it's suddenly seeing your significant others without the rose-colored glasses, or the gut wrenching aha moment where you realize you hate your job but it's all you know how to do.

Epiphanies are mental moments where we have instant clarity, which can turn into motivation to change and charge forward. But not all epiphanies are created equally. Some demand a deep inward search, and you'll be stuck asking the tough questions to see what you are made of.

Other times they fly in and out of our life swiftly, silently, almost unseen.

Many of my coaching clients first come to me looking for the epiphany -- that instant moment when you have it figured out, and all of the emotional pain is wiped away with clarity. It often happens for them. They return with excited emotions, and they say, "I had my aha moment!"

It's great to have an epiphany, but what you do with that new clarity is what matters most.
Most of our habits are so ingrained in our life that changing behaviors causes recourse in life. Most epiphanies force us to see situations and ourselves in a new light.

The next step is courage. And taking that step to live out your epiphany is when real transformation happens. In my own life I have had some powerful moments. But the ones that have impacted my life the most are the ones I have put into practice.

These are eight epiphanies everyone should have. They have certainly changed my life for the better, and maybe they can help you.

1. You aren't what people say you are.

What matters most is what you say and feel about yourself. You get to choose, you can let others define you and tell you who you are or you can show them who you are. Be you. The world needs you as you are.

2. Plan B is often better than Plan A.
The most freeing moment in your life is when you let go of what you think is best for you and allow the universe to show you what you really need. Stop holding on to what is no longer working: that job, that relationship, that dream. If it feels like hard work and is causing you more pain than gain, it is time to release it. Instead, follow your heart.

3. You are not the number on the scale.
At the end of your life the weight struggles, the food wars, or the obsession with new diets and trying to look a certain way will have no relevance. The only thing that matters is what is in your heart. How you make people feel and how you make YOU feel is more important than how you look.

4. The journey is more important than the goal.
Yes reaching goals are important, but the actual process of becoming, growing, learning, and morphing into who we need to become is the real sweet stuff that makes a wonderful life. Enjoy the journey as much as the reward.

5. Being alone doesn't mean you will be lonely.
The fear of being alone strikes the heart and makes many people settle. But when you learn to love your own company, you will see that you are never really lonely.

6. It will never be all done.
The to-do lists, the chores, the things we race around to get done, will never be done. It is called life. Situations, chores, to do lists will always unfold. Instead of focusing on the end result, be in the process and celebrate what you have accomplished.

7. Emotional pain shows up to show us what we need to change.
Sadness, depression, and heartache are gentle reminders to probe deeper into our life. Look at what is not working and be open to living your life in new ways. You will see that one day it will all make sense.

8. You don't have to find your purpose, it will find you.
The transition period between you were and where you are going can be painful, but on your journey of finding purpose. Recognize that there is purpose in the pain. Each step you take is helping you carve out more of how you really are. Instead of regretting or resisting, try turning inwards and embrace the journey into joy.

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Dubliners begins on a dismal note. The first story, “Two Sisters” opening sentence begins with: “There was no hope for him this time” (9) referring to the dead Father Flynn and through the course of reading the fifteen stories in Dubliners the reader discovers there is no hope for any of the characters in any of the stories. The lives of Joyce’s Dubliners and Ireland itself has been defined by the Roman Catholic influence on the people, English rule and the Irish’s own struggle for political and cultural independence and self- identity. The characters in James Joyce’s Dubliners have all been weighed down and caught up not only in the oppression of these external institutions but also by the oppression within themselves and their…show more content…

They lose the moment, unable to move or change their lives and go on to continue living lives of darkness and drudgery. In describing Dubliners, Joyce wrote to his publisher that it was his intention:
“to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to be the centre of paralysis…I have written in for the most part in a style of scrupulous meanness....”
Joyce structures the stories chronologically, following the lives of these Dubliners from childhood into adolescence, adulthood and finally into what he calls public life. This chronology allows him to establish the various phases of disillusionment, disappointment and ultimately paralysis in the lives of Dubliners and ultimately Dublin itself. Joyce’s characters are disappointed and disillusioned children who go on to become paralyzed adults living lives of isolation, anger and disappointment. An example of disappointment, disillusionment and ultimately paralysis is seen in his childhood section in the character of the boy in “An Encounter”. The young boy of “An Encounter” wants to break from the drudgery of school and decides to play hooky with a couple his friend Mahony. They plan to take a ferry and go off on a Wild West adventure to the Pigeon House. The boys make it an adventure on their day on the streets of Dublin. They play Cowboy and Indians, terrorize a group of girls and go on a

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