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My Ideal Community Essay

Everyone has their own perception of an ideal community. For each person the factors of an ideal community will vary depending on their upbringing. My understanding of a community is a place where a group of people live, and socialize. Everyone is caring, thoughtful, and respectful. In my community people take care of each other they think before they act, and are respectful to one another keeping in mind equality.
The physical aspect of my community include: parks, sidewalks, roads, houses, hospital, bank, community garden, restaurants, school, emergency responding units (EMU), walls (around the community for security), and a recreation center. The reason I have smooth, and clean sidewalks, green parks, and high-tech gyms is because I would like everyone in my community to exercise, and live a healthy life. The buildings and structures in my community are architectural marvels that are breath taking, and one of a kind. The reason I have brick walls as tall as palm trees surrounding my community is because I would like the people in my community to feel safe however there are also gates with security guards so that danger does not come in all you need is your face, and if the computer recognizes you are allowed in. However in the case of an emergency if the EMU inside the walls need help the backup is allowed in. The stunning recreational center is a place where everyone is welcome to play sports or socialize a key factor many community these days are lacking.
In my community there are certain rules the citizens must follow. Rules in a community distinguish whether it is ideal or not. If communities did not have rules there would be chaos, and everyone would abuse one another however I must consider the fact that some people are more responsible than others, and control themselves therefore the laws in my community are not to strict. My number one rule is never pass a fault because if...

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