Prg 420 Week 5 Individual Assignment

PRG 420 Week 5 Reusability Assignment



In the real world, an entire program is rarely written from scratch. It is very likely that there are classes or functions that already exist. The key to using these existing modules successfully depends on how modular the classes or functions are written.

In this Learning Team assignment, your mission is to take a section of one team member’s Week Four program and replace a similar section of another team member’s Week Four program.

Submit the following deliverables for this Learning Team assignment:

 A 700- to 1050-word paper describing the following:

o How the two programs were selected

o The process of identifying the classes or functions for replacement

o The changes needed to make the final Java™ application program work correctly

 The final Java™ application program


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Reusability ReusabilitySoftware Engineering is an art in itself. Applications can be written from scratch, or they can be built using the code of others to prevent re-inventing the wheel over and over again. The assignment for this current week is to choose two of our team members assignments from week four (4) and to replace a part of ones code, into another one and verify that the application still functions properly. The key to using existing modules determine how modular the classes or functions are written. If the two team members assignments were written in the appropriate way, then the application should function as it would as if the application was written by one individual. This test would validate that it is not always necessary to start from scratch when building new applications, (e.g. off the shelf applications). When selecting a Java program that will encompass all the requirements that are neede

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CODE REUSABILITY 2 Code reusability is a term used for taking existing source code and/or principles from one program and using it in a new program. The objective is to reuse the source code with minimal modification. Programmer cannot simply cut and paste the code into the new program, rather they have to understand the program requirements and which sections of the code can be effectively modified in order to maintain the codes comprehensiveness, while ensuring the program compiles and executes successfully. In this paper, Team B will discuss the reusability of the Java programming language by selecting two programs, reusing sections of the code and modifying it while making sure that the final program runs without errors. The requirement for this program is to get the name and annual sales of at least two salespersons and calculate their total compensations by determining whom the highest earner is. After evaluating the program requirements, Team B has decided to use Ahmed and Mai’s programs. When examining two programs, Team B has looked at the following areas:  Naming conventions 

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