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This is a dissertation chapter on Economics:

Over the last three decades the profession of forensic economics has experienced rapid growth, and an expansion into all areas of civil torts and public law. A forensic economist is an economist who applies the general theories and methodologies of economics to the measurement of damages and/or proof of liability in litigation. In the past, the field of forensic economics has been viewed as a mere extension of other fields of economics such as labor economics and price theory. During the past two decades though, it has become a unique discipline, and in 1985 the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE) was founded. It now has over six hundred members in all fifty states, and six common law countries. Continue reading →

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·         The dissertation proposal must be passed before the end of the third academic year.

·         There are two parts to the dissertation proposal: (i) the written proposal; (ii) the oral presentation.

·         Before submitting the written dissertation proposal, the student must select a three-person Research Advisory Committee, consisting of three tenure-track or tenured faculty members in the Department of Economics. The student must choose one member of this committee to serve as Dissertation Chair. The Dissertation Chair will have primary responsibility for supervising the student’s dissertation. Each person on the Research Advisory Committee must agree to serve on the committee.

·         When the Research Advisory Committee is chosen, the student submits to the committee a written dissertation proposal, which consists of two parts. The first part should follow the instructions for the “Title, Scope, and Procedure Form” from the Doctoral Dissertation Guide. The second part should include what the student has written to date, along with a summary of planned work on the dissertation. A typical economics dissertation consists of three essays, which are self-contained papers that will ultimately be submitted to economics journals for publication. There are no hard-and-fast rules though, and the exact format for the dissertation is a matter to be negotiated by the student with the Research Advisory Committee prior to the proposal and during the oral portion of the proposal. For the written proposal, the student may want to include a completed research paper, along with other work in progress. A plan, with as much detail as possible, should be included for each proposed chapter of the dissertation.

·         When the Research Advisory Committee receives the written dissertation proposal, the Committee and the student must agree on a date for the Oral Proposal. Once they have agreed, this information must be communicated to the Graduate Secretary at least two weeks prior to the proposal date.

·         The Oral Proposal is open to all faculty and students. The Oral Proposal represents an opportunity for the student and the Research Advisory Committee to agree to a contract regarding what will constitute an acceptable dissertation. A majority of the Research Advisory Committee must agree for the Proposal to pass. It is possible for the Committee to request a revision of the written proposal before agreeing to pass it, or to request another oral presentation. 

Graduate School’s Title, Scope and Procedure 

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