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Cover Letter Tips for Wellness

While having solid growth and a good economic base provides job seekers with opportunity, finding jobs Wellness is a lot like job hunting on other parts of the country. There are a few tricks that will help you find the leads you need, and using them effectively locally is just a matter of knowing the area and its people. Keep these tips in mind:

1. Network as much as you can, especially if you are new to the area. You need to know people to know who is hiring.

2. Use internet research to look for local job postings, and also to research companies before you apply.

3. Check out temporary and contract positions to get experience in your field. Often, employers will hire full-time employees from this pool. Even when that does not work out, this is a great step toward networking.

4. Work on your online presence. More and more, employers are looking at an employee’s online activity to see how they will fit with the company. Having professional social media profiles helps.

5. Get involved, locally or online. The more active you are with professional development and participation in organizations, the more you stand out to an employer.

Dear Mr. Blake,

I am responding to the recent ad for a fitness instructor job at Bally’s Gym. I have experience working as a physical trainer and have led multiple classes at the YMCA for people at all fitness levels. I have certification as a physical trainer and understand Pilates and Yoga as well as other popular methods for fitness and exercise.

When I am leading fitness classes, I use music to hold interest and keep an upbeat tone as I lead each group session. My classes are always full and many of the people sign up for repeat classes as returning customers, making the experience fulfilling for me. I have made friendships with people who attend my classes.

I provide excellent fitness motivation and try to model good choices both inside of the gym and in my daily life as well. I have an outgoing personality and have great social skills which are helpful when working with others. I write reports as needed and submit them to management as required.

Bally’s Gym would benefit by selecting me as the new fitness instructor. I have attached my resume along with several references from current and former clients. I would appreciate a call for an interview.


Tami Jenkins

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